CheckCheckCheck is a Franco-Belgian media focused on producing content that promotes urban culture and, more particularly, hip-hop.

Martin Vachiery created Check with the support of the label Back in the days. Martin Vachiery is a journalist dedicated to rap music, responsible for the artistic direction and management of many artists. Digizik also supports him for digital and audiovisual production.

Check is a complete digital ecosystem (website and social networks) that integrates the best French-speaking talents at the heart of its content with an offbeat, impudent, committed, and passionate tone.

Check covers all the trends from hip-hop culture, looks towards the future, detects future hits, goes out into the field, takes the time to explore the territories it explores, gives free rein to creativity, and stands out for its freshness and freedom.

The richness of the media makes it possible to deal with many subjects simultaneously:
All the latest news with Check Mag, food with Check Food, snack content with Fast Check, travel with Check Trip, backstage with Check Inside, festivals with Check Summer… and thus to integrate brands differently and intelligently (Les Produits Laitiers, Uber Eats, Havana Club, Schweppes, Proximus).

The 15-35 audience (60% on the core target 18-25), preferably male (70%), urban, trendy, passionate (9min on averages) and very engaged (14M cumulated views and 100K subscribers on YouTube, 22K subscribers and a reach of more than 11K per post on Instagram…) is Check’s other strength.

The proximity with Romeo Elvis, Caballero & JeanJass, Mister V, Kikesa, Maskey, Seb (the fry), Gaëlle Garcia Diaz, Di-Meh, Oxmo Puccino, Seth Gueko, Alkpote…is a significant asset to carry and endorse the devices.

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