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Our Talents in conferences

Some of our Com’Over Talents conduct conferences on different themes in order to share their experience and specific technics that allowed them to shine in the sport world, but not only.

Marie Bochet

Handisport alpine skiing

Themes :

Objectives achievement • Team spirit • Leadership • Handicap/Resilience • Surpassing yourself • Tailor-made themes

Benjamin Daviet

Handisport biathlon & cross-country skiing

Themes :

Objectives achievement • Handicap • Resilience • Motivation • Surpassing yourself • Tailor-made themes

Today we are no longer people with handicap playing sports, but athletes with handicap.

Justine Henin

Former professional tennis player – speaker & lecturer

Themes :

Identify objectives • Be ready on d day • Improve your wil to win • Impact of an authority figure on the athlete performance • Uncertainty management • Tailor-made themes

It has been 10 years since I have stopped my professional career, that I’ve started to be an entrepreneur and that I’ve spoken in conferences to share my passion and my experiences.

Philippe Lucas

A swimming legend and the greatest French swimming coach in history
Themes :

Motivation • Leadership • Crisis and failure management • Resilience • Management

I have always been motivated by practice and performance to do great things and try to win. Don’t be good because when you are good in a world championship, you don’t win, be really really good.

Florian Merrien

Handisport table tennis

Themes :

Handicap • Leadership • Surpassing yourself • Resilience • Failure management • Tailor-made themes

There are barriers but no closed doors. Your only limit is yourself. Make your dream become an objective!

Diandra Tchatchouang

Basketball – French international
Themes :

Leadership • Resilience • Diversity • Women status

It is essential that athletes take a stance. Before being a high level athlete we are all citizens. We have a platform we need to know how to use it, in a smart way and it is important not to remain silent. It’s all together that we will raise awareness and change mentalities.