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International Association of Sommeliers

Helping an institution in the wine sector develop its digital side

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The International Association of Sommeliers brings together sommelier members from all over the world. It is an association under the French 1901 law and its main missions are to gather, coordinate and communicate on the profession on an international scale. It organizes numerous events on the 5 continents and shares a lot of content throigh social networks. It entrusted us with their management in early 2022.
To accompany this institution of the field in modernizing its image and connecting to its time using digital tools, we assist it in the daily management of its social media: first, with an overhaul of the digital environment, on a daily basis by managing the Instagram and Facebook accounts in close collaboration with the national and international boards. Our last pride, our involvement in the competition of the world's best sommelier in Paris organized by the union of the French Sommellerie (member of the ASI). Within the framework of this event, we took care of: the creation of the poster, the management of the digital side: newsletters & social media.


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