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Activate the global handball partnership to enhance the brand’s commitments

the brief

Lidl is a leading retailer and has been involved in handball since 2015. This "sport" partnership feeds the whole of Lidl's communication through actions related to CSR, the environment, food, inclusion, performance, lifestyle...

our missions

Our mission is to define and spread out a strategy for activating the "handball" asset with different levers (media relations, events, content, media partnerships, etc.) and in many ways : a talk dedicated to women's entrepreneurship ahead of the World Championship, the highlighting of the handihand program and the place of people with disabilities, an internal handball tournament at the Handball House, the promotion of the performance/excellence axis linked to the french teams, the lifestyle dimension with the renovation of a handball court in Paris by artists...

key figures

actions per year related to the handball partnership
employees paticipating to the final of the internal handball tournament