Justine Henin

Former professional tennis player – Speaker & lecturer

Olympic champion in 2004 and the first Belgian tennis player to win a Grand Slam tournament, Justine Henin held the world number one position for 117 weeks.

Justine is one of the players who dominated the world tennis scene from 2003 to 2008. Her impressive list of achievements includes 43 WTA Tour victories, including 7 Grand Slam events (4 Roland Garros, 2 US Opens and 1 Australian Open) and 2 Masters events, as well as 1 Olympic gold medal and 1 Fed Cup victory.


  • President of Justine Henin Tennis Academy
  • Founder of the association Justine For Kids


  • World number one for 117 weeks
  • 7 Grand Slam tournaments (4 Roland Garros, 2 US Open and 1 Australian Open)
  • 2 Masters
  • 1 Fed Cup victory
  • 43 wins on the WTA Tour
  • Gold medal at the 2004 Olympic Games
  • 1st Belgian tennis player to win a Grand Slam tournament

Conferences themes

  • Identifying goals
  • Being ready on the day
  • Cultivating the desire to win
  • The impact of an authority figure on the athlete’s performance
  • Managing uncertainty
  • Customized theme…

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