La sueur was born in 2015 from sports enthusiasts, Guillaume Duseaux, to talk about US sports news and combat sports.

Since then, the blog has grown and is now a real digital and social media ecosystem, a reference on US sports (NBA, NFL, NHL…), combat sports (MMA, boxing, wrestling…), urban culture (hip-hop, gaming, manga…) and lifestyle (sportswear, streetwear, travel…). is like its audience: passionate but relaxed, expert but offbeat, connected but sporty. The essence of every effort, every sport, every passion. Sweat.

Every month, LaSueur welcomes a growing and increasingly engaged audience: 1.5M visits per month, 560,000 subscribers on social networks, more than 12,000 listening’s on average per podcast. Our audience is mostly male, young (18-44), urban, CP+, active, trendy, connected, sporty, and engaged (400 likes on average per FB post, 1,200 per Instagram post, 150 comments per video…).

An editorial line focused on video and analysis—a passionate expert eye with a slightly offbeat tone. Complementary channels (website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube), multiple formats (article, review, analysis, brief, quiz, ranking, videos, podcast), and a dedicated team (editor, journalists, cameraman, editor) are all assets of

With these weapons, we allow our advertisers to be at the center of the action with complete offers combining editorial (article, post, video or podcast dedicated, custom OPS …) and advertising (display, sponsorship …).

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