Lucarne Opposée is an independent media created in 2015 by a football fan with a clear and assumed editorial policy: make people want to discover other football, create football curiosity around the world.

The editorial board, formed with twenty correspondents around the world, uses two main levers. First follow competitions to know what happens in these regions, where true stars raise the bleachers. Then, use the football culture to understand these different footballs and their impact on local societies.

To do that, Lucarne Opposée has a quarterly printed publication, an audio section with regular podcasts that talk about every confederations and videos with reports in Mexico, Madrid, Martinique or even Caju, one of the favelas in Rio in Brazil.

Lucarne Opposée is before everything a story of passion and affection for the “king sport”, lives it changes, stories it provides. A media for football fans, but also for people curious to discover the world and to expatriates that want to keep a link with their origins.

In barely ten years, Lucarne Opposée became the reference media for coverage and the relevant analysis of non-European footballs.

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