Our network



Our international network is the structural pillar of Com’Over.

→ Structural pillar

Our international network, a true structural pillar of Com’Over, served as a springboard at first, allowing us to work for clients such as NBA, Beats By Dre, Turkish Airlines, SOCAR, Air Canada, Wanda… – and then supported the international launch of other brands.

In more than 25 countries

We cover more than 25 countries including the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Russia, United Arab Emirates, United States, Brazil, China, Singapore, Japan, India, Australia… 



The Com’Over Lab is the first collaborative shared workspace in our territories of expression : sport, entertainment, lifestyle and society.

→ 12 micro-structures

Since 2017, we have been hosting a dozen micro-structures (1 to 3 people maximum) in our Lyon head office, working in different business areas that complement our own and which we can call on from time to time.

Various jobs

Among the occupations covered : graphic design, digital communication consulting, community management, travel agency, event production, merchandising, mental coach…

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Sport Connect Lyon is the network that brings together and energizes Lyon’s sports players.

→ Sharing & Skills

Sport connect Lyon is based on the sharing of ideas and skills, encounters, the professionalization of sports marketing and the promotion of a community of innovative and communicating connected players.

90 active members

This association was co-founded in 2016 by Com’Over, which continues to participate in its development as a benefactor member and host. Today, it has more than 90 active members, communities, clubs, advertisers, start-ups, independent sportsmen and women, etc…

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Com’Over Invest

Com’Over took the decision to invest in affinity companies with high potential by entering as a minority shareholder.

Centrale du sport & shapeheart

Today, Com’Over has stakes in La Centrale Du Sport and Shapeheart.


Com’Over is a member of Leonis Investissement, a private club that allows individuals and business angels to invest in startups with high potential, with a specialization in Silicon Valley.

Stay tuned

Other investments/equity investments are under negotiation and Com’Over remains attentive to the opportunities that arise.