and foremost

the genesis

Com’Over was born from the story of a couple of two passionate people who dreamed of an ideal life and had a vision of entrepreneurship and the agency business.

From their personalities, affinities and networks emerged the preferred fields of expression of Com’Over, its positioning and its openness to the world to constantly adapt and provide new solutions….

A story of people and encounters, a story of passions and commitments.

the Com’Over name

Com’Over represents both the core and the historical business of the group, i.e. “com” for communication, all of which is linked to the notion of spending a moment together, “to come over”.

A name that has been alive and well for 10 years and on which the agency relies to invite teams, clients and other partners to have a good time while working on communication matters.

always adapting & evolving to keep growing

Since 2011, our adventure has been continuing, expanding & growing. Now present in Lyon, Paris, Nice & Annecy, Com’Over learns from the mistakes of the past by looking to the future, challenges itself, perceives its limits but constantly pushes them back, and breaks down boundaries.
passion &


Com’Over is a global activations hub, which capitalizes on the passion points & commitments of actors to anchor their positioning & effectively connect them to their targets via diverse and custom-built content.

360° expertise

Made of experts, our 30-strong team accompanies its clients (advertisers, rights holders, media, talents, communities), invested in these territories, on all communication levers, to serve their brand platform.

Our services: strategic consulting, brand content, press relations, influence, endorsement, events/experiences, digital & social, media partnerships, special operations (OPS).

CSR strategy

Com’Over is committed to social issues through its projects/clients but also as a responsible actor.

A commitment symbolized by: respecting a balance in the gender diversity of the teams, participating in Time For The Planet and a commitment to pay back a % of our profits to this structure, dedicated time offered to the collaborators to commit to the cause of their choice, the recruitment of interns via the french association “Viens voir un taf”, and an event offer always more responsible.

sport, esport, lifestyle, entertainement, societal engagement , music, fashion, art de vivre, food & beverage, inclusion, diversity…