a strength and a differentiating factor

Our international network, a true structural pillar of Com’Over, served as a springboard at first, allowing us to work for clients such as the NBA, Beats By Dre, Turkish Airlines, SOCAR, Air Canada, Wanda… – then supported the international launch of other brands.
Our international network, a true structural pillar of Com’Over.

present in more than 25 countries

We cover more than 25 countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Morocco, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, China and Singapore.

the Com’Over lab

in paris & lyon

Within the Lyon and Paris offices, Com’Over has created collaborative shared work spaces with privileged partners.

between 6 & 10 partners

Since 2017, we have hosted between 6 and 10 partners (depending on the period and size) working in different business areas that are complementary to our own and which we can call upon from time to time to increase our strength on joint projects.

various businesses

Among the businesses that we cover: graphic design, digital communication consulting, community management, travel agency, event production, merchandising, event equipment rental…



Com’Over is involved in networks linked to sport, one of its strong and historic territories.

Sport Connect Lyon

Association co-founded in 2016 by Com’Over, based on sharing ideas and skills, meeting new people, the professionalization of sports marketing and the promotion of a community of innovative and communicating connected actors. With 90 active members in Lyon, SCL is now working on its national development with Com’Over.

but also…

Com’Over is a member of Sporsora, the leading French network that thinks and influences the development of the sports economy, bringing together all its players (advertisers, agencies, rights holders, communities, media, research and training institutes).

Com’Over is the communication partner of the CDES, the Limoges Sports Law and Economics Center, a national reference that has trained over 800 sports professionals.



investments in France

In France, Com’Over has participations in Grinta (sports equipment market place and sponsoring platform for amateur sports), Shapeheart (innovative products for racing / cycling / motorcycling), Views (youth culture media), Sporeo (merchandising, retail & licensing) and Machame (sports investment fund).
In order to be at the heart of innovation, Com’Over has decided to invest in affinity companies with strong potential.

international investments

Com’Over is a member of a private club that allows individuals and business angels to invest in high-potential startups, with a specialization in Silicon Valley and Y Combinator (the world’s largest incubator) startups. Com’Over has invested in a dozen start-ups, including Oxygen, My Yoga Teacher, Jiga 3D, etc.

keeping an ear out

Other investments / capital additions are under negotiation and Com’Over remains watchful of the opportunities that arise in order to keep growing.

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