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Setting up a press relations strategy to contribute to the influence of the league, the french championship and french basketball in its entirety.

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Assisting the national basketball league in ITS communication with the media and influencers/celebrities: from the worlds of institutions, of sports, but also economy, lifestyle, human stories, societal commitments, entertainment... Highlights of the season: media day / all star game / leaders cup / playoffs / annual financial review...
In order to contribute to media exposure, we capitalize on several highlights during the season such as the Media Day, the All Star Game, the Leaders Cup, the playoffs or the annual financial report. A strategy set up around two main targets: media : national and local ones, sports-related, pure players, business, marketing, lifestyle, youth, etc., celebrities / personalities and influencers (YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.).


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years of collaboration
journalists present at the 2021 media day
guests in our influencer room at the Gorillaz 2021 All Star Game