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Puma hoops

Consulting and 360° activation around a sport

the brief

Supporting Puma Hoops in their acceleration on the basketball market in France and Europe.

our missions

Strategic planning / advice and strategic recommendations on the policy to be implemented, sponsorship strategy for clubs and athletes in France, seeding and players allocations, influence / PR campaign for the different Puma Basket-Ball collections and throughout the year, activation of assets throughout the year, content creation / brand content (filming in the US and in France), seeding of influencers and creation of a pool of brand ambassadors, strategic advice for the deployment of the basketball strategy in Germany, Italy and Spain.

key figures

+ 10
Partnerships signed 8 players including NBA, Killian Hayes and 3 clubs
+ 15
contents / brand contents created with our partner assets and influencers who have become « friends of the brand »
number of days to sell 100% of the flagship mb1 sneakers in France