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Puma Hoops

Helping PUMA to establish itself on the European basketball market with a 360° strategy

our support

We have been supporting the development of PUMA Hoops, the basketball vertical of the PUMA brand since 2021. With 360° consulting and activation, we are helping puma to grow on the basketball market in France and in Europe.
From recommendations on the strategy to implement to the staffing of players and influencers, via brand content, we accompany puma hoops across all of our activities. Among our various missions: strategic consulting for brand deployment in France, Germany, Italy and Spain, sponsoring strategy for clubs and athletes in France, influence campaigns and press relations for the different collections throughout the year, activation of the different brand assets, creation of brand content (including filming in the US and France), creation of a pool of brand ambassadors and seeding of influencers. So many missions that punctuate our daily support of this flagship brand.


+ 25
partnerships signed with players including Killian Hayes and 4 clubs (other discussions are underway with many clubs for the next season)
contents / brand contents created with our partner assets and influencers who have become « friends of the brand »
number of days to sell 100% of the flagship mb1 sneakers in France