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New Era

Fit for glory: supporting the daily visibility of an iconic lifestyle player

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Walk down the street in the city or in a park, you'll go by New Era hats, the only brand in the world with licenses for all 3 major US sports leagues: NBA, NFL & MLB. But not only... More than licenses, more than sport, New Era is an iconic brand, thanks to its caps - a story more than 100 years old that com'over narrates in France since 2016.
We accompany this iconic brand in many of the agency's areas of expertise: year-round press relations & media product placements, celebrity relations and product placement, daily management of our showroom and organization of an annual showroom, content creation for Instagram or TikTok, content partnerships with media outlets. By supporting the brand on a daily basis, we help new era strengthen its relationship with its various targets.


yearly / seasonly showrooms
influencer social media posts generated
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