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Mastercard – Dîner de gala

Organising a gala dinner in a mythical place

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One of the many missions on which we work with Mastercard is the organization of an annual gala dinner at an exceptional venue: the Palais Garnier. This event allows the brand to shine in an emblematic Parisian venue with which Mastercard has partnered for 20 years. Just one example of the Priceless experience offered to guests, with a view to opening up new business opportunities.
For this gala dinner at the Opéra for VIP guests, we took charge of the entire project, from deciding on the evening's theme to proposing and setting up the appropriate scenography beforehand. Then, on site, we set up a specific reception based on the guests present, manage the logistics and all the staff (photographer, cameraman, hosts/hostesses, guest reception, welcome packs, decoration/branding), and set up a partnership with a gourmet chef to cater the dinner with his or her teams (Thibault Sombardier in 2021, 2022 & 2023, Stéphanie Le Quellec in 2019).


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