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Mastercard x Roland-Garros

Embodying the priceless promise by creating a dedicated sports program

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Activation of the Roland-Garros x Mastercard partnership in France & international, an opportunity to connect fans & card holders to the opportunities offered by the priceless program.
A device materialised by protean and complementary activations: upstream marketing campaign: to publish and promote the priceless offers, on-site communication: develop visibility throughout the fortnight, on-site experiences: rewarding cardholders with "priceless surprises”, hospitality: entertain Mastercard guests, from cardholders to VIPS, ambassador program: incarcerate the campaign with guy forget, french tennis legend, & reinforce identification, technological innovations: engage B2B decision makers, co-branding: deploy co-branded activations with other tournament partners, such as Lacoste or Peugeot.


people reached on sight
priceless surprises delivered during 15 days
impressions generated during the pre-seaon campaign