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Creating an ephemeral living space that showcases the 1664 identity: The workshop

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Creating an ephemeral place full of life around the brand and 1664 products in Paris & Lyon, in 2019. In collaboration with My Little Paris, a unique and varied experience over a prolonged period to kick off the summer with consumers.
L'atelier 1664, is: 1 private mansion, 1 terrace, 1 garden, 7 bars, 1 restaurant, 2 snack bars, 1 showroom and its complete line-up, 1 room dedicated to the brand, 1 karaoke room, 3 rooms dedicated to BtoB activities. We manage the whole field / logistic / operational part for My Little Paris and 1664: venues, suppliers, legal, staffing, entertainment, etc… In 2023, we are once again collaborating with the brand by producing the 2023 edition of the 1664 workshop: more than 2500m² of space at "la caserne" in Paris from April 29 to May 21.


opening days (30 in Paris and 4 in Lyon)
+ 40K
people attending